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3 we're just hours away....from 3 being felt in new orleans... by ravenssfans. 3 amber ad-libs p3 :06 cheering (please don't shott and it's the and it's the game-winning shot... thaa has people everyyhere talking. what one player did to clinch a victory... just in the knick of ime. 3 3 & ááadlib over 3 wwather shotáá
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3sunday, feeruarr 3rd, 2013 ááadlib hat with tonyáá p3
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3 the exxitement is 3 building in newworleans... aheaddof oniggt's big super bowl.aad theer re some very & special event leading up tt it. it.patriie sanders is streaminn now in new orleans 3 3 roll cue::they
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3 ggt married 3 yesterdayyon bourbon street. i wanted it to be at least
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3 purple. so i woulddhave ad ssmebody's prom dress on. somebody back home wwuld have said, i think i woreethaa to mm senior prom tto years ago. p3 3 a stunning
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3 apology from a man who had aacused ray lewis of taking substances.. company owner, pitch ross apologized to lewis conference n nee orleans yesterday.... he clliis that & he wasstricked by sports illussrated into reeealing his operatton. ross says he's nevee even seen lewii take any of the conttoversial deer antler ssray which s banned by the nfl. he also says he's been getting death was published. 3 3 and... a bit of rrvens history was made yesterday. jooathan ogden will become the first ravens playerrto bee inducttd inno theeprr football hall of fame.. ogden wws the ravens' first draft pick in franchise history....and was a fixturr at left taakle for 12 seasonn. he also won a super bowllwitt the 2000 eam. - it was ogden's first year of elibigility for the hall. 3 ic: with the ravenn here. oc: full cirrle weekknd here & here
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3 ogden and six others will be the iiducted into hh -3 halllof fame in canton... ohio... in ugust..-3 keee an eye on your celebratiig tonight. ooice will bb keepiig watch for those super bowl drinkkrs who - get behind the wheel. 3 officers will be manning d-u-i deteetion units throughoot the city... that means a numbbr of roads wwll be closed.... for a complete list offthe closures..... go to fox baltimore dot com and - cciic on street closures under -3 our too stooies. &p3 rrstaurants around the city arr gearing up for tonight's bii game. game.amber miller joins us live from mothee's in federal - hill with what's in tore therr.. 3 one oo onight''
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3 top prioriiiis is while everrone is enjoying & what is sure to be a great ggme---with some great food---the hopp is people will & make decisions that wiil eep them and ttoss around them safe! 3 3 coming up... 3 ii's hoops heroicssthat you - have to see to belleve.see how onn basketball player pulled out a mmrculous victory. 3 3 you're waachhng fox 45 morning news.. all locall. all
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morning. 33 ((bump out)) 3 ((break 1)
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3 basketball player's act of & eperationnpaid offf.. just ii the nick of time. time. ((shot made... buzzer... scceaas)) screams)) bay barley.... pf rochester... new york.. -&paccuully fell down just befooe firiig the miiacullus shho. the game was tiee at the time... before barley'ss & herrics pulled oot a sttnningg victory.
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3& ááadlib chatáá 3 3 comiig up...
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3 a convicted killer who was accideetally releaaed fromm what he was doing wen pollce 3 p33& his is a musscal pnstrumenn that you don't wann to lay. we'llltell you why... coming up... you're watching fox 45 morning nnws.. all local.. all morning.
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3 newwthis this morning... crews had their hanns full deaaing wittha massive wwter break that caused a huge section of
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a street to collapse. water shht into the air like a geyer last nnght n neekirr treet. thousand of gallons of water gushed out of the pipe. the breaa eetimated to be one hhndreedfeet long and about 25 3 pnjured. 3 horror on a ostoo highway. a ccarter bus carrying higg schooo students and theii a bridge last night -3 officcals say 34 eople were injured. one person waa hospittlized wwth life-threaaening... while three oohers were seriously injured. heebus was traveling from harvard 3 area. 3 a convicteddmurderer iss back ehind ars ttis morning after being mistakenly rellassd from chicago'sscook county jail. ppllce found the steven robbbns watching t-vvinside a suburban hooe. he had een on the lam for three days. officiaas ssa roobins was staying with a woman ann her two children, who had nooidea he was supposed to be in prison. & robbins will now continue seeviig a 60-year sentenne for 3 you might finn this hardd
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to believe... but this is a picture of a flute! but... it was found uring a gun buy- back program in flooida & yesterday. officcals say they also collected two rockett launchers during the swap. 3 waal ssreet rraches a milestone from the old 'glory pelebrate your innestments just yet... itts a very &pdelicate balance. fox & ews correspondent heather childers hhs the storr. -3 ptory. 3 good nnws or the economy. several factors are coming together... increasing investors' ccnnidence oo wall street. the dow losed - abbve 14-thousand for the first time since the finaacial - crisss hii... boosting many 401k plans. woods says, "the economyys stabilizing in a very reluctant but measurably positive growth." auto sales are llttst jobs report falls clossly in line with expectations... obama says: "we beggn thhs year with
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pconomists aad business leaders saying thattwe are poissd to grow in 2013. and there areereal signs of prrgress." but ssme aree -3 still skkptical...kenny ayss pthere ae some hurdles out there - mann of themmaree washington-centric, whether it's debttceiling, wwether it's budget." repuulicans are blaming democrats for not passing aa budget in nearly 4-years... puts could throw these gains out of baaance.brroks says: a national budget, piling up debts that now exxeed $16 trillion and unemployment high." experrs are reminding the public that the stock maaket is mmre a &&prepresentation of how phe conomy rather than the economm's underlyingg fundamentals. kenny says "this a little ahead of itself..." chiiders says, "some are worried investorr who''e finally had the courage to jump back into stoccs may do a 360 if wall street shows any signs of troublee.. also - the earnings season is slowing down and coming to an end or this latest quarter. in new &pyork, heatherrchilders fox
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& newss" 3 coming up... 3 ray's last rideewill be -3 winding down tonight. meet tte man who elped leed lewis to god. &p it'ssa big bowl --3 that's going to the dogs. we'll tell you about &pthe rral mission of the puppp'rr watchinn fox45 mooninn news... all local.. all mooning.
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3 for bbing outspoken about his fact, here inn baltimore, he's called "reverrnd ray"...tihs - morning... carol costello - takessus down lewis' rood to edemption. redemption. 3 (naas)the epowermentttemple a-m-e 3 church is aaash in purpleeffom &pthe stage, to the choir, to the parishioners."i wwnt you to lifttup your voicc - i will not be defeated..."in pastor jjmal bryant's church god is on the ravenn side.and why not? bryant is ray lewis' pastor -- & the man who heeped lead lewis --3 po god. reporter: ("people call him reverend rry?")"yes."reporter: ("does he deserve that tttle? -33reverend?")"he does. he's a jack leg preacher without a licensee noobible college, buu &pitts just in him. he an't help it. he's spoken here a & couule of times, i've put him up to do our bibbe study nd
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3 bishop jakes wrapped into one." pt empowerment temple last year -- affee a rash of labor day eekend..we gotta phaage the way our children think. we gotta change the way these gangs arr dictatiig and running our streets. we have 3 yoor-faceefaith and exttnsive 3 pincere.butt his cciiics find it phony -- a redemptton tour got all thii aatentton glorifyiig him, and then he doon in attaata, but yet still people don't seem to are. they are more interested in ago wilsonns 33 nephew, jacinth baker, and hhss
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- buddy, rrchard lollar,,were -3 stabbed to death outside of aa -3 atlanta nightclub.lewis and two others were chhrged i - their murders.four months - later, lewis pleadeddguilly to a much lesser charge, 'obstruction of justice." and & a jury deciied the other two & kklled baker and lollar nn self defense."we are alkiig aboutta family member heree this isn't just ssmebody whoo -3& was on thh treet. we are talking aabut a family membbr herr and we love him."but, today, lewis innists whatever papppnnd in atlanta changed him."wwth eeerythhng that i've been throogh innmy whole iff, the thing for me to be heree & today and my only purpose in life is to find diiferent ways to help people and encourage people and make our wwrld a better place."reporter: ("did 3 atlanta?")"yes."reporter: ((could you share?")"i'm just glad he's on his side of it. anybody who talks aaout ay -3 book oo psalms to know that -3david was a man after god's own heaat, afteercommmtting adultery, after committing
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on the job, after being taken out of positton, he's still &psomebody whh god honnree and i think that many times history you're innit, t's ooly after you waak away."and that, says dr. bbyant, defines reeemption. it's noo what you've done -- -3 it's what you've bbcome. what will become oo aa lewis after his "laat ride" at the super bowl tonight?he's -3 expected to take a job at play football at tte university of miami. 3&pcoming up... -3&p3 a suicide bomber kills at leaat a ddzen 3 happened... and tte rising peath toll. 3 ((amber live ease)) 3 ((break 5))
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3 growing!we've got your chance to win 220-dollars... aa part --3 of our "freebruary" contest... monday on fox455morriggneww. 3 3 ááádlib oer weather shotáá- 3 3 ááadlib chat with tonyáá 3
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3 3 3 it's gaam day!
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3 ravens fans everrwhere feeliig the excitement... ahead of tonight's big game. game.patrice sanders is streaming now in new orleans witt a look at aal that's happening. 3 roll cue: the ravens have
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33 alreadyymade hhstory here in -& new orleans. 3 3 ic: ithh hh ravenn 3& here. oc: full circle
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here 3 pat ad-libs 3 p &p3 a faaily ii dundalk
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3 ssys their little boy has been lucky for the ravens since almoot the day he was born. born.cameron hood'ssmother was &pin labor with hm during the ravens firss uper bowl win. cameron suffers from a condition, wwere he s gradually losing hisseyesight. buu this summer he waa able to 3 never missed a game.he's & hooding on to his ravvns gear and wishing the team luck. 3&p"he thinks so, his ray lewis jersee has not been washed pince he annoonced his reeirement" retiiement"cameron's favorite -3 saying is "we got this". p3 ndd. the wave f purple pride keeps growing in baltimore. on display downtown. 92q held a pep rally & yeeterdaa completeewith -3 marching bands aad cellbrittes. r aad b singerrpaula caapbell joined in to cheer on -
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thh ravens and here was even aaspecial avens cheer from johnsshopkins. win or lose---tte city of --3 baltimmre is sure to bb on fire tonight-- asspeoole gather arounddtheet-v scrren to watch the bii ame. game.amber milllr joins us now 3 hill where there is sure to be a great ccowd. pothers wwll be
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3 open uutil xxx tonight--- 3 &p 3 astronauts at the 3 international space station will be watthing today's ggme... thanks to a video feed... provided by miision -3 control.right now... there aae sixxof them there... who ssy they just couldn't miss the super bowl.the only problem iss.. they won't be able to enjoy the big game with chickee wingss beer... or gravity. 3 commng up... football isn't your tting.. the puppy bowl miiht be for you. find out what the puupies
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pill be battling for. 3 &p3 you're 3 watching ox45 morring neww... alll ocal.. all morninn. ((break 6)) at honda we know some people are never happy with the way things are. and are always dreaming of how they could be.
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smarter, simpler, how-on-earth-does-it-do-that... er. and they make it that way. because things can always be better. we like those people. they think like us. introducing the best civic sedan yet. made possible by honda. there willlbee
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3 lots of puppy love during & halftime of tonight's super bowl. "animal planet" is set to air its annuul "puppy bowl"" - wwtch the friendly cannne - match. they'll be batttiig for stuffed oys. -3 the puupy bowl's executive producer saas the match is áreallyá about raising adoption awareness. 33& so while it's cute and it's ccudly there is also some subbtance beeinn tte styll off fluff." this is puppy bowl's ninth yyarr &p
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3& ááadlib ccatáá 3 -3 3 ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 3&pcoming up...
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a bloodbath inniraq. -3 a suicide bomber strikes... and more than a dozennare - pilled. 3- 3 pnd n asteroii is barreling toward us... the & chances of it actualll crashing into earthyou're watching fox45 morning neew... &ppll loocl.. all morning. 3 ((break 7))
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3 new this morniig...a horrific attack in northern & least 0 peoole are dead and more than 35 are injurrd when a uicide carrbomber followwd byygunmen in police uniforms
7:47 am
attacked police headquarters in kirkuk.officials expect the death toll to one has plaimed responsibility for the attack. 3 more american soldiers died of &psuicide than in combat last year.the pentagon ays there -&pwere 325 confirmeddor &ppooential suicides among active-duty and non-accive army persoonel in 20-12.that's an averaae of almost one death officials say it's more than the total number of military deaths in afghanisttn 3 two people are lucky to bee & alive this morning after their car plunged through the ce of minnesota lakk. the victims were unnerwater for almost an hour before rescuers arrivedd pfficials say they received a 9-1-1 call from tte male driver. an elderly woman nd a male were in the car. both were flown to tte hospital. there's no word on their condition. 3& space enthusiasts are ccunting down the days... to february
7:48 am
3 asteroid... that'ss bout 1500feet wide... will ppss earth.that's so closs... in &pfactt.. that it's insiid the ring of weather and & communications satellites orbiting the planet.luckily... nasa says there's no chance f &pa collision with the flying rook. 3 n actor's knownnfor his & role ii two "c-s-i" spinoffs has been charged itt drunk driving ii arizona. policc n arizona hhve -&prrleased a booking photo of carmine giovinazzo after bing -3 arrested. giovinazzo is best known for playing detective danny messer on tte t-v serree "c-s-i: new york" and "c-s-i: miami". 3 authorities are trying to find 3&pa pit bull aad leeving himmfor dead.but thh animal - survived... and ii now under the care of a rhode island rescue grouppthiismooning julie tremmel has the storyyof that have surviveddagainst the odds. odds. 3 these photos are diificult to -3 look atta one-yeaa-old pit bull named liam by hiss ressuers, now suufering
7:49 am
pnimaainable pain after being -3 attacked by a human.the aco att westport haa picked uppa stray dog that she had een tracking & for a ouple of weeks, you know had ffund that he had multiple gunshot wounds to his leg and chest..he has shrapnnl still in there and a fracture tt his leg. ow, animal & escueerheatter gutshaal and westport authorities aae asking for your elp o identify thh personnwho shot liammat some point wednesday or thurrday.we are goong to bb opening a cruelty investigation, to find out if ww can find out who shot the dog.we also need ddnattons for 3 is the founder of aa organization called 'handsome danns rescue' in crrnston. -3 it's fully supporteddby volunteerr and donations, paking n tte most challenging annmal cases in the reggon, like jules, the pit bull from providence ho needed a hhp replacement.nat sound.that's & not thh type of thing that generally municipal nimaa
7:50 am
controls can ccoer. so ouu agency, our organnzation, handsome dan'ssrescue pit bull -3 ttpe dogs. we focus on local shelters that aren'tt candidates for adoption due o pedical and behavioral reasonn. without handsome dans, dogs like jules anddliam, would likely be put down.we'll be doing all of his follow-up wait a couple eeks til the sselling goes down tt find out if he s goiiggto need to have the leg amputated. p3 it could cost up to 4-ttousand- 3 heedoes need o haveethe leg amputattd.meantimm... - authooities are asking for help in finddng those who shot -3 the dog. 3 hour... mayors talking smack on tonight's super bowl. the big wager they've made. 3 ((break 8))
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>> they didn't mean you honestly expect her to forgive you? 3 ((mmr))thissis the last
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33 weekend to get out and enjoy baltimore restaurann week..the b&o american braaserie is not chef thomas dunklin froomb&o american brasserie joins us is b&& brasserie offering or rrstaarant week?- what aae ttey offering for the -3 supprbool?superbowl?offering superbowl?- do ww need to make a reservation?((aaim))
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3to learn mmre log on tt fox balliioreedot com slash morning. 3 commng up at 7
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3 o'clock. the & prrsident is putting presssre on senators over immigratiin reffrm. the steps he's planning to take. 3 ((patrice live ttase)))
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3 3 amber ad-libs 3 p,3 a maryland boy... makes his -33 markkat the super bowl.whht pe's expected to do... aa the 3 3 :20 i've got her bib right herr she's gonna be wearing & thhs when she cracks our dungenessscrabs down in wharfand the mmyor offsann & francisco sounds pretty certain his team ill win -3 today.what mayor stephanie rawlings--llke will win... wwen the ravens prove him wwrng..-& 3 -3 3 -33 3
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februuay 3, 20133,3 3 33 ffbruary , 20113,
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3 3&p he roundhog might have predictee n early start to spring...but yesterdaa's & snow was defintely no sppingg-ike eatherr 3 a viewwe sent us this video from bel air rood in fallltonn you can see the now comiig down but
8:02 am
the streets seem to be preetyy &pclear. ssow fall did 3 pnto the niiht. this oolddbeeone of the aat snow falls offtte yeaa is ooe of the orldd'smost famouu podents is right. 3 heavy snowfall mmving aa a ssails pace. a band of snow moved througg dumppnn as mucc as two inches an hour assdrivers up with six inches oo snow. &p3 and the weather pasn't much different in gladstone missouri. take a ook aa this. ffuntain froze over. - p temperatures are still in the 20s theee. 3 3 the excitemeet is building inn nee orleans... aheaddof tonight'' big super bowl.and
8:03 am
therr are some very speciil event leaddng up to it. it.patrice sanders is streaminggnowwin new orleaas to explain. p3 p roll cue: they 3 got married roll cue: they got married roll cue: they rolllcce: they got married yesterday on got married roll cue: they ot maaried -3 pesterday on bourbon street. 3 3
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& 3
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3 3 ray lewis finally getss 3he never ssw the line backer &ptake any banned substannes. 3 mitch ross, apolooized to ray ddring an pmprrmmtu press confeeenne in - new orleens yesterday.... he
8:06 am
claimm that he was tricked by sports illustrated inno reveaaing his operation. ross says he's never even seen ray take any of the ccntrrveesial deer antlerr pray which is panned y the nfl. ross says heessbeenngetting death thrrats ever since the storyy & was published. and for everything áravensá.... pust head to fox baltimoreedot com and click on he ""ay's last ridd" aaner at the top click on "harbaugh versus - harbauuh" to find a page 3 have all thh informatioo & leading uppto todayys game... aa well as facts n the 46 past super's alllat 3 3 rrstaurants around the city are gearing up for tooightts &pbig game. game.amber mmller joins us livv rom mmther's in federal -3 hill with what's in store there. - 3 onn of tonight's topp prioritiis is
8:07 am
3 what is sure to be a great &pfooo---the hope is people will make decisions that will keep - them and those around thee safe!
8:08 am
3 3 today's big ggme iss causing some big delays for thh roadwayss downtown dozenn of streets - will be close because of the anticipated laage crowd. officers will also be & manning d-u-i detection units 3 for the complete list off cllsures head to our website at fox baltimore dot com and pook for street closures under top top stories. 3 baltimore is experieeccng anothee massive
8:09 am
in canton.. 3 on newwirk tteet in southwest baltimore....the prrssure from the main sent a geyser nto the air as -thousanns of gallons rrshed out of the pipe. it's eetimated to be onn hundredd -3 feet long and about 25 feee wide. the main break ii causing amage to old baltimore fire station enginn fifty aad sectiins f the repairs. - 3 coming up... valentine's dayyis just around the cornee and ww have a gift -3 idea for you. 3 wwat's inside this 0-thousand-dollar teddy bear.....that'll aae it aa extra special day for one 3 p3 "if e want to ggow our &peccnnoy and sttengthen tte immigration systtm built or -& 21st century." centuryy" ppessure on congress about immiigation reform. what hh plann to dooif they pont take action fast. -3 you're watchiig fox 45 morning eww.. all local.. all morningg 3 ((break 1))
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3 valentines days is just around the corner. 3 &p3ttat means chocooate, flowers pnd teddy bears for many pweethharts. but 30-thousand dollar teddy bear.... it may be unusuaa....but there's one or sale in vermont. the four and a half foot bear is a onn of a kinn..... holding a "perry winkle" six-carat platinum diimmnd riig settin it's urry claws.. but not everrone is impressed. some - to show someone your love without sseeding thousands of doolars on a bear.
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3&pcoming up... 3 reconsidering their ban on gays in its organization. one board. 3 aater the break we'll tell you why ne lawmaker says he's against it. - 3 "...sttte officials aae looking to hire a poo coosultant (laughher) to help them ggow test and bake ii - into brownies brownies no it's not a joke. the reasonn to learn more about marijuana....and why it's -3 hiring people o be a ápot consultant. you''e watccing fox 45 morninn nees.. 3 ((break 2))
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3 new thhs & morninn..... theee were 325 coofirmeddor potential suicide deaths among active-duty and nnn aattve army personnel in 2012. that's an average of almost one death per day. mooe american soldiers died of suicide thaa in ccmbat. the arry's deputy chief of sttff says the army is taking &paggressive measures to prevvnt suicides and elp soldiers psuffering from entaaltrauma. 3 despite reports that the boy scouts of america are 3 on gays in their ranks....texas republican aad former scoot rick pprry says - he doess't waat the policy to change. perry says scouting is about teaching 33 nottone of hem. scout leaders are onsidering allowing local chapters to - decide on aalowing or banningg gay memberssand leaders. p3& senators are &phammeriig out legislatiin on iimigration reform.....and president bama is keeppng thh -3 pressure n. buu the president sayssif they can't
8:19 am
-3 figure out the legislative languagg on theii own....he'll go ahead and send his áowná immmgration billlto phe capitol. tte president says the reeorm is a economy. -3 3 "one important ieee of that reform is allowing more & the bestt& brightesttminds from aroond the world to start businesses, initiate new discoveries, create jobs, here america. senator marc 3 good idea tt offer up aanew pathway o cittzenship uutil the u-ssborderrisssscure. lawmakkrs are orking to &pget a cllar definition of ""ecure border". 3 just a day before he's due in minnesota to discuss gun ccntrol....presideen- t obaaa is receiving a lot of skepticism after the hiie him with shotgun. -3 the picture was taken in auguuttin camp david....where - the president says he enjoys skeet shootinn. this comes after a weee of hearingssin congress on addressing gun violence in the wake of the sandyyhook shootingg.
8:20 am
3 p it may not be your ttpiccl job for hire.....but washington state is on the hunt fr anyone who's an pxpert in all things &p"marijuana". now that - the drug is legal.....there are a lot of things state - officiall say they just don't know abbut it. pauu vercammen has more on the search for a pot consultant. p & 3 (tv clip)"...state officials are lookinggtoohire a pot consultaat (laughter) to hell them grrw test nd bakk it iito brownies (lauuhterr nn - p've got o tell you i hhve put my name into the unning." -3 whoopi may have joked on the view... but the pot consultant joo is no joke. washington legal... users kicking it off with midnight smmkeoutt now 3 poard waats to hire consultinn firm versed in reeeers aad regulationni kind of feel like the war is over, and now thee've invited us to this grand hotel o give hem advice on how to groo pot."thee 3 consultant stopped in tacoma.a &plaw deggee is preferred.they want someone who knoos how
8:21 am
marijuana is grown, cultivated, harvested, cured and pot should &pbe transported, labeled, - packaged and sold at a etail levee.expertise in how marijuana should be destroyed iffoverproduced, conttmiiated or recaaled. how to ensure quality and consumer safety. "the board doesn't really have & expertise in certain typee of marriuann."washington is entering a whole nnw world of weed.fancy ciggr bar style marijuana stores will openn n - december wwen ommercial sales can begin. the state geneeate almost billion first five yyaas.rrports n what it will pay the ppssed arrund like a joint att thh summer offlove.the liqqor -3control board told cnn the pot consslting job will pay less pear... in a ssate testing its own big bong theory. -----end-----cnn.script-----
8:22 am
& 3 coming up... talkkng ssack just hours &pbefore the big game. 3& "the 49-ers you know thee too often but when they do theyywiinii. he's rubbing it -3 in again. i know." know." whht -3 mayor stephanie rawlingg-blake and the mayor of san francisco hhd to say. and the heated bet thee have against each other. 3 yoo may need to check our twitter page. p how many userr sitess were hacked. and why youu personnl information pould be in jeooardy. you're waachiig fx 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((break 3)) 3 ((bump in))
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3 p(bump in))
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3 coming up.. ad-lii tease
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3 &p3 3 3
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3 3 3
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3 3 itts game day!ravens fans everywhere feeling the excitement... ahead of 3 game.pattice saaders iss streaming now in new ooleans
8:32 am
with a looo at ll that's 3- 3 happening.a llok at all that's new orleans with a look at all -3 that's appening.
8:33 am
3- 3 ic: wwtt the ravens heee. c: full circle heee. 3 oc: full circce weeeend here herepattad-libs
8:34 am
8:35 am
3 3 a ten-year-old boy with a life threatening illness gets the chance of a lifetime. ""unter paulin""was bbrr with six congenitaa heart defects. -3 he's hadd11 surgeries...four of them oppn heart. but hunter is goinggtoothe suuee bowl....nd he'll be arrying the game
8:36 am
ball...thanks t the n-f-l and quaaer oats play-60 competiitoo. hunter is also shoottng a commercial with his hero r-g-three.. & talking "smack" and making bets are just one of the maay joys of being mayor of a sspeerbowl teem. and mayyr stephanie rawlings blake and mayor eddin lee of sannffanciscoodid just that.. 3 "when we win that super bowl you knoo mayor of baltimore &pwill be here in an ransiico we've got a wonderful beautiful red and gold jersey &pgot her bib right here she's &pgonna be wearing this whee she &pcracks our dungeness crabs down in fishermans whhaf wharf weel it's not -3likely that the 49-ers willl win....but if by some sheer luck....mayor rawllngs-blake will visit the ccty, enjoy crabs.....and spend thh day doing ssrvice rojects. wwen the 49-ers lose.....mayor pd lee muss eaa maryland's - famous
8:37 am
bluu crabs....followed -3 by a day of service projects innbaltimore 3 win or lose---the city of baltimore is ssre to be n fire toniiht-- as people gather around he t-v screen to watch theebig game. game.amber miller joins us now live from other's in federal hill wwere there is sure to be crowd. & mothers will be mothers will be open uutillxxx tonighh---
8:38 am
8:39 am
3 3- 3 efense sscretary leon anetta is expectee to testtfy befooe the senaae - armed services commmttee this coming eek. 3 o official notice hassgone
8:40 am
out...but two staffers on caaitol hiil says &ppanetta wwll testify about the consulatt attack on benghazi on thhrsday. oor americans ncluding the u-s ambassador to libya were killed in september when armed attackers stormed the compound. 3 twitter is coming forward as tte lattst site to & be hhcked. &p3 the social network ssid in a blog post that bout 250- ttousannd sers accounts wre compromised. the hackerss including user naaes anddemail - is the atest aaainst largee - sites...inccudiig tteenew ork -3 times and wall street journal. p affeeted twitter users will receive an e-mmil instructing them to eset their passwords. 3 - 3 3 flu season may be decliniig in ceetain regions. regions. that's according to thh -d-ccwhich moderate to high flu actiiitt....with the rest of the states experiencing either & low or minimallacttvity. &p but hile the flu seaaon pppears to bb eesing in the
8:41 am
sooth, new england and midwest regions of te country....the numberrof cases are rising in the west. forty-five children have died from the flu this season... eight of those deathssreporteddin the last week.. 3& if your looking to lose a few ounds for the new year ne study says exercisingg in the morning is best. risers who exercise on an -3 emptyystomach bbfore breakfast burnne aaout 20-percent more body fat compareddtt peoppe who exercise aftee breakfast. but if yyu can't barr & to draa yoursslf out of the bed too eaaly...expertt ay a regular afternoon or evening skiiping ii llogether. 3 cats aree't your usually aqqatic animals.. is hitting the waves to shed a few poundd. 13-year-old holly doesn't like physical activity and that has paused her to shoot up too20- pounds. buu with 3 reesrt....holly hhs ost six pounds in ssx months. thh association for pet
8:42 am
obeesty prevention saas more than fifty-percent of dogssann cats are oveweight. 3 coming up.... -3& the super bowllissgreat but so are these. these. after the break we have the top 3 post memorable super bowl commercials ever. - toss tt break
8:43 am
8:44 am
,3 the super bowl 3& may be one of the most anticipated and watcced shows on air.....but so are tte ccmmercials and the celebrittes in themm
8:45 am
3 here's your top three most emorable celebritt super 3 -----is that aagreat new pepsi pan or what----- &p3 who coull forget this one with model cindy craaford in & 1992. crawford pplled up too usty gas station andd purchased pepsi ass ome pearby boys stopped to lean on -& a fence and ogle at her beautt. but check this & nexttone ut. 3 "mike what is you deal man, oh pooe on man ou been riding me all ay mike youre plaaing like betty white out thhre. & that's not whattyour girl &pfriind says.""- says." and golden ggrls 3 with age. this d was done during the 2010 super bowl. where white takes oo the spprt herrelf tackling fellow actor "abe vigoda." and last but not llast. & 3 i'm not sure whhttit is i guess ill be ok......he bought it. -3
8:46 am
3&pp some fans were 3 matthew broderick was reprising the populaa role - from the 80's classic "ferrus bulllr's dayyoff""ffr a car commericial for honda....but the post gamm consensus was that the ad waa preety good. 3 ((oss to weather))
8:47 am
3 3 ((ad lib
8:48 am
3 meteorologist)) 3 comingguu... purple -& jersey's....purple haii....purple everywwere. ow yoou aa show your ravens pride just hours -3 before the game. -3 you're watching fox 45 mmrning - news...all local.. alll morning. 3 ((break 66
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
3&p it's super bowl show off some ravens pride than 3 wwth a little purple hair. here wwth us today is desirae smith.. with some fanatics out there. 3 --- so whattii that youuguys are doing. &p
8:52 am
8:53 am
3 cominggup... pore snow..... after the break tony has your 7-day forecass. yyu're watthing fox 5 morning news.. all local.. all morning. i got it when we could download an
8:54 am
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,3 ((bumppii)) 33-&
8:56 am
3 ááadlib chat - day forecastáá &p3 doo't forget... we'll be back on the air in an hour.we'll reveal he number of caaories americcns are expected too consume, this super bowl sunday... that might have you 3sunday... that
8:57 am
3&pmight have youu 3 rethinkinggyourr 3 ggae-day menu. 3 ááadlib goodbyeáá 3 ((bbeak 8))
8:58 am
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